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Lee's clients include prominent politicians, professional athletes, celebrities and stressed-out 9-5ers. Their ages have ranged from 2 to 103 years. Some people have been treated by Lee for decades. She also has relationships with many medical practitioners who recommend her work.

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Massage — A Healing Experience

Licensed Massage Therapist

My treatments with Lee Noonan were instrumental in making my physical challenges more comfortable. Lee was particularly helpful in dealing with my concerns as a senior (I was 85 when our association began). I found her knowledgeable, kind and highly professional.”

       •  Robert M. Morgenthau, District Attorney, County of NY (ret.)

Lee Noonan is more than just a massage therapist. She is a healer with an innate touch and sense of the body and the multitude of factors that play a role in peoples’ complaints of pain, tightness and dysfunction. I highly recommend her services to anyone and especially all of my patients in NYC. I market my office to be the best in Physical Therapy and as such, use the best massage therapists, of which Lee is at the top of the list!”
       •  Karena Wu, PT, Owner, ActiveCare Physical Therapy

I brought a friend to Lee who was very doubtful of anyone’s ability to get rid of his tennis elbow. In one session it was gone and he became a believer. Lee has been responsible for a great deal of my good health. I would and do recommend her to anyone and everyone!”

       •  Susan G. Gallin, Susan Gallin Productions, Inc.

After many disappointing massages, I had given up, deciding that most practitioners used force with no seeming reason. When I recently injured my spine, my PT recommended Lee. And then I understood what intelligent massage feels like and how it can make a profound difference.”

       •  Izhar Patkin, Artist, NYC

Lee Noonan is a deeply informed and gifted healer. She has a broad knowledge base and draws from many healing traditions and modalities in her body-centered work. Lee also has a well-honed and trustworthy intuition, which guides her into the more subtle and sometimes mysterious aspects of health and illness. She looks for the metaphor in the body’s symptoms, and investigates as part detective, part poet. I have benefited both from Lee’s touch and also her guidance and consultation around health issues. She is a unique practitioner.”

       •  Michael Cohen, Psychotherapist, NYC