Healing & Teaching

Lee’s specific deep-muscle massage technique is a unique combination of Swedish massage, Shiatsu, trigger-point therapy and reflexology. When required, using knuckles and elbows, she goes deeper into problem muscles than most practitioners. Lee is sensitive to her clients and personalizes each treatment to individual needs.

Licensed Massage Therapist

**December 4, 1995 issue.

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NY Magazine wrote that Lee Noonan is one of “the best the city has to offer.”

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Massage Therapy

For certain acute or chronic conditions, Lee is also available to devote sessions specifically to energy balancing or, drawing on knowledge of homeopathy, herbology and nutrition, to consult on health. In Florida, she offers ionic detoxifying footbaths to assist symptom relief by purging poisons from vital organs. Lee is also trained in scar tissue release.

After a session, Lee will often teach one or more “Exercises for the Internal Organs” to support a particular problem or weakness. Created by Cheng-de Gu (www.guexercise.com) to increase blood flow to the brain and internal organs, these movements (done sitting in a chair!!) get your blood pumping to help you stay young and get younger every day. Lee is a certified instructor of Mr. Gu's technique.

Lee Noonan is a licensed massage therapist in three states: New York (since 1973),  Florida (since 2015) and Pennsylvania (2018). She has a private practice in Manhattan and an out call practice in Bucks County, PA (both June–November). In the winter (December-May) Lee practices on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Lee's work was recognized and recommended by NEW YORK MAGAZINE** as one of “the best the city has to offer.” Her treatments combine bodywork with a profound spirituality, leaving clients in a state of deep physical relaxation and psychic peace.